Why Organic Hair Salons are Better

Why Organic Hair Salons are Better

You may have heard some of the latest buzz about organic hair products. With Organic Hair salons from Chicago to Pasadena “going organic,” the trend is unmistakable. You may have considered going to an organic hair salon. If you thought that organic products meant a compromise in your final result, you were wrong.
According to Vincenzo Papasidero, owner of VP Salon Organic with locations in Pasadena and now Chicago, natural and organic products are better. Not just better for the environment and your health, but better-looking on the client and they work better. Gone are the days when organic color meant your only resort was henna or a semi-permanent color; these products work better than the traditional product in addition to all the other benefits of switching to organic.

Achieve all the results of traditional color. Even stubborn grays don’t stand a chance.

According to Papasidero, the ammonia in normal hair coloring solutions creates tiny holes in the hair. This leads to breakage, dryness, overall hair damage.

But there are further problems that come with using ammonia. Over time, it damages the protein responsible for producing pigment in the hair. This reduces the hair’s ability to hold on to color. Using a product that doesn’t damage this important protein gives you a better long-term result because the hair can hold the color better.

This means less fading, truer color, and healthier hair.
Papasidero uses Organic Color Systems, a revolutionary hair coloring product that, until recently, was only available in Europe. Unlike the old versions of organic color that merely coated the hair with semi-permanent tint, Organic Color Systems is a permanent color that uses modern advances in color technique.
By using a conditioning substance with a lower pH, Organic Color Systems gently opens the hair cuticle to color it. It’s simply a gentler way of altering the hair’s color. And, with less damage to the hair, the color comes out more vibrant, the hair more lustrous.

And, contrary to the belief about natural hair products, this product can achieve all the results of traditional color. Even stubborn grays don’t stand a chance. All the ranges of the color chart are possible, from fiery reds to frosty platinums.
In the final assessment, organic color is better for you and the environment.

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